Connected Bodies // Feelings

Brainwave and biofeedback based interactive and audience participated performance

The dancer’s feelings (through measured brainwave, face expression, sweating, heartbeats) are visible thereby she is at the mercy of the audience. This experiment focuses the contextual behavior and the cultural differences of people. It is provocative, because the participants /audience must secede from their usual passive observer state by touching and manipulating the dancer through real physical contact and the surrounding devices. The outcome of the live act is wholesale influenced by both the reaction of the active participants and the dancer.

The dancer also could have different role as an human-interface in this live interaction. In this interactive audiovisual dance performance the audience can use the dancer as a controller, they can manipulate her feelings through very intimate interactions.

We realise an empty darker room without stage and chairs. It is important because the viewers should live their usual observe sate and became active part of the performance. I think 20-30 participants can attend in parallel. The performance begins with a choreographed session in order to get the audience across to understand the behaviour of the system. The second session depend on them, everybody can participate in the creation.

connected feelings performance-01

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